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Automatically Post from Google Sheets to Instagram | Google Sheets Instagram Integration

In this article, we will delve into the process of integrating Google Sheets with Instagram, enabling you to seamlessly post content on Instagram by simply entering data into your Google Sheets spreadsheet.
This automation can be easily set up using Pabbly Connect with just a one-time setup.
First, we will establish a connection between Google Sheets and Pabbly Connect to retrieve the required data, and then we will link Pabbly Connect with Instagram to create posts using the captured data.

Steps to Automatically Post Content from Google Sheets to Instagram

1. Sign In / Sign Up to Pabbly Connect and Create a Workflow
2. Setup Google Sheets as the Trigger App to Fetch Posts
3. Setup Instagram as the Action App to Post Photos

Step 1:- Sign In / Sign Up to Pabbly Connect and Create a Workflow

A. Sign In / Sign Up

To begin this process, visit Pabbly Connect and create your account by clicking on the ‘Sign Up Free’ button. You can also click on Sign In if you already have an account.

Click on the Pabbly Connect ‘Access Now’ button

B. Create Workflow

To create a new workflow, click the ‘Create Workflow’ button.

Name your workflow, and click on ‘Create’.

Step 2:- Setup Google Sheets as the Trigger App to Fetch Posts

Next, we will explore the process of establishing a connection between Google Sheets and Pabbly Connect, which will allow us to extract post details from Google Sheets.

A. Trigger App

Trigger enables us to select the application from which Pabbly Connect will retrieve the data. In this instance, it would be Google Sheets.

Choose ‘Google Sheets’ as the Trigger App and select ‘New or Updated Spreadsheet Row’ as a Trigger Event.

B. Webhook URL

A fresh Webhook URL will be generated, which you will utilize to establish a connection with your Google Sheets account. Make sure to copy the Webhook URL for further use.

Once you have copied the Webhook URL, Pabbly Connect will immediately begin searching for data from Google Sheets, as indicated by the rotating Waiting For Webhook Response button.

C. Connect Google Sheets Account

To connect with your Google Sheets account, navigate to the spreadsheet where you wish to input the data, then click on Extensions > Add-ons > Get add-ons, and search for ‘Pabbly Connect Webhook’.

Once you have installed the add-on, go to Extensions > Pabbly Connect Webhooks > Initial Setup to proceed with the initial setup process.

Paste the Webhook URL that you copied earlier into the designated field. In the Trigger Column, specify the name of the last column where the data is available. Then, click on ‘Send Test’ to initiate a test to ensure the connection is working properly.

Once the test data has been sent successfully, click on ‘Submit’ to confirm and save the settings.

Next, go to Extensions > Pabbly Connect Webhooks > Send On Event.

To verify the successful establishment of the connection, switch to Pabbly Connect and expand the Response Received section to confirm that the entered data is visible, indicating that the connection has been established successfully.

Step 3:- Setup Instagram as the Action App to Post Photos

Action allows us to choose the application that will get executed by the workflow trigger.
Our main goal is to utilize the captured data to post photos on Instagram. Therefore, Instagram will serve as our designated Action App.

A. Action App

Choose ‘Instagram for Business’ as your Action App, select ‘Publish Photo’ as an Action Event, and click on ‘Connect’.

B. Connect Instagram Account

To establish a connection with your Instagram account, select ‘Add New Connection’ and then click on ‘Connect With Instagram for Business’. Follow the prompts to grant authorization and provide the necessary permissions for the connection to be established successfully.

Choose the Instagram account that you wish to use for posting the photos.

C. Map Necessary Fields

Now that your Instagram account has been successfully connected, the next step is to map the necessary Photo URL and Caption from the previous step. Mapping ensures that your data remains dynamic and updates automatically based on the responses received.

Map the Photo URL from the previous step.

Likewise, map the Caption, and click on ‘Save & Send Test Request’.

Once you click on Save & Send Test Request, the photo will be posted to your Instagram account.

Congratulations! The automation process is now complete, and we have successfully integrated Google Sheets with Instagram. Moving forward, whenever new content data is entered into your Google Sheets spreadsheet, it will be automatically posted to your Instagram account, ensuring seamless and automated content sharing.

You can copy this entire workflow by clicking this link.

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